Sunday, February 07, 2010

A Change of Life

A Change of Life

A great many things have happened to me since September and the death of a Grand Old Uncle seemed to culminate into the mix.

Life can throw you a curve or two (or three) and you sit somewhere and roll your eyes and think to yourself, who in the world would find ANYTHING you have to say interesting? One has to ponder these things, before putting themselves out on the limb.

Back to basics. Okay, Uncle George died. I miss him every day. As much as I complained about him, I miss him more. He was a grand old man, head of the family and we all feel like our rudder is missing. But he's gone and we have to carry on.

Carrying on. I was a "dyed in the wool Democrat", as are most of the people of this fair state of West Virginia. I followed the Democratic line loyally until the early 80's. When Ronald Regan made promises he actually kept regarding the economy, I registered confidently as a Republican and have been one until this past week.

"I have not left the Republican Party, the Republican Party has left me."

Dan and I have both left our party and registered Independent. I almost feel comfortable in my own skin. When in college and asked to join this sorority or the other, I always proudly proclaimed I was a GDI! (God Damned Independant!) Why not now?

Why NOT now. The Democrats and the Republicans have agenda's that are so far left of the Conservative view, they seem to be insane! They are both too far left for my comfort and I have to admit, I don't even recognize them anymore. There is infighting, lawbreaking! There are moves made that even "I" don't recognize to be legal!

And this Obama "character". Good Lord! How did we let him in office? I agree with Sara Palin. "How's that whole Change-y, Hope-y thing working out for ya?" Love it. I need someone in office that isn't listening to the special interest groups and someone who is listening, as MY REPRESENTATIVE, to me.

I have written to my Congressmen/Women, and my Senators over issues regarding coal, global warming, taxes ...etc, etc. Every Damn One of Them (forever now known as EDOT) has sent back a form letter essentially saying, "Dear you. Pat on the head but you don't have a dog in this hunt and I know what you want."

I want to tell you this, EDOT. You do not know what I want, but I assure you. I know how to get what I want and I'm not afraid to try.

I am urging ALL West Virginians to join the Independent Party. Get out of that Democratic rubble and choose to vote as you see fit in the next election.

We can do this.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Stiff Wind.

All afternoon there was a stiff wind passing through that blew the leaves and branches off our trees and made me duck when it became too brisk.

I knew it had happend. I knew in my heart that Uncle George had passed and his massive spirit was seeking home...and saying hello on his way through to Wheeling West Virginia.

I got the call this afternoon...knowing already... he'd died at 8:15 this morning.

There are some forces of nature you have to respect and realize. Great Uncle George is one of them. He was massive, decided his own fate and realized that what came after him was extremely special.

We all are. Special I mean. However, I feel...just simply ... that all of the grownups have completely left the room.

I loved him.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

I'll Be Strong

I'm listening to Nils Lofgren and a song he wrote "I'll Be Strong".

Hard comfort tonight.

Dan's Great Grand Uncle at 99 next month is in a rehad center because the hospital can't do anything more for him. He's hoping we could come down, but husband has a big business deal next week and I can't get to him. Perhaps the following week, if we're not too late.

Rebecca's nephew is still in hospital. After contracting a virus at 18 months and having numerous brain surgeries, they have replace the front skull plate but he's running a low grade temperature and was supposed to be released from hospital four days ago. They are keeping him. MRI's are fine.


Life for me has been "stop and go" for the last few months. I would love to write something fantastical in prose or poetry, but my heart just isn't into it.

I think I would love to marry some little pill that would make everything better, but this is life...MY LIFE...and I will deal with it as I see fit.

I wonder if anyone will even read this.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Going Home Again (You Can't)

They say you can't go home again
it feels so trite until you try it
reaching down so deep it
cuts your very soul

We came home again last weekend
back to a fishbowl of places we don't remember
faces we barely recognize
holed up in a hotel in our own
hometown, the entire family of seven with spouses...


Then a trip to the farm
our father's birthplace -
I remember from babyhood.

No one else did.

It seems we all have memories
seperate in age and growth
but feel the need to get back
to where we have those
first memories.

Mine are the oldest.
I felt discounted. Mine didn't matter.

I remember the smoke house, now gone.
I remember and regailed the youngest grandgirls
of the black snake skin hung over the cellar door...
the cows in the barn-the chickens in the coop where colored
Easter chicks found their home....later their demise for Sunday

Had to catch myself when I became so overwhelmed with
memories I wept. Not a good thing on a happy occasion, but I'd not been back since my Grandfather died, and had only visited
in my dreams.

Look, there is the barn. I remember rowboating as a girl, not much
bigger than you, and catching fish in this river!
I remember corn as tall as grandpa! I remember tomatoes that filled
both hands. I remember running until your feet hit the chestnut hulls and
squeeling in pain!

I remember chestnut trees. I wonder if anyone else does.

No. You can't go home again. It's never the same.

Even if the Chestnut tree trunk is there, and the house has been re-roofed, and the windows have been changed.

The boxwoods are gone. The smoke house has been destroyed.

...Yet, as I looked out over the hill at the barn, I could drop to my knees and visualize it as a five year old and remember.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The New Year

I look around this place I love and think how I have neglected it for so long. Touching the table next to me, my finger draws a line in the dust.

Sad, really that dust must cloud my mind. I guess I could excuse myself with preoccupation. That is not an excuse. I have neglected my blog. I have neglected my thoughts. I’m looking at the cobwebs on the ceiling and thinking I must do something. … ANYTHING !

Forgive me if you are a regular reader. It’s been a tough couple of months. Allow me to appeal to you with this:

Steal gray skies and another threat of snow
Worries gather in my soul
And allow no entry of sunshine

I must fight it
Knowing that it could defeat me
I search for the sun

Only to look up
And see nothing but gray
I have no fight left

Praying the crocus do….

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hands of Time

I look at my hands these days and they remind me of my mother. Where in the world did these wrinkles come from? What have I done?

I tend them properly, lotions and creams. I polish my nails with a block made of silicone and diamonds. Yet...

when I open my hands why do the remind me of my mothers?

I wonder......

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Brick Wall

I'm beating my head against a brick wall tonight. Please don't mind me while I vent a bit. I sometimes have to actually remind myself to breath.

Dan had a doctors appointment today to discuss his latest blood work-up for his cholesterol, high blood pressure etc.

The readings were not good. He's off the Cholesterol medication because it hurt him, however his readings said that his Cholesterol has doubled in six months.

We are eating fatty fish three times a week. I cook and serve only olive oil. We eat high fiber grain bread. I've reduced salt. (His sodium levels are down) I've taken great pains to do portions and try to moderate what he eats. He exercises. He walks (runs) the damn dog.

What the hell am I doing wrong? I know he is genetically pre-dispositioned to high cholesterol, but I've read everything I could get my hands on and was doing it all right!

Tomorrow we start Pomagranate Juice, Grapefruit Juice and Cinnamon. The alternative is making him take pharmacuticals that will make him feel worse than better.


Tonight, I could just look like Gene Wilder when he was thrown off the Silverstreak one time too many.

"sonofabitch!!!!!!!"" Stomp. Stomp. Stomp.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

First Fire

I had not noticed the change
of color or the waning mix
of smells like used pencils
or colors the scent of library books

I have been preoccupied with the
state of the nation
interest rates
the stock market
Government has stolen
the pure delight of autumn
from me

I had not noticed until
it came upon me today
full fledged fury of
wind, rain and dropping
I was forced to
Cheat and light a wax log
For heat

It served it’s purpose.

Everything seemed mellower
..but still it felt hurried.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I was one of the lucky ones. I knew my grandparents into my teens and had lots of time to talk to them.

The economic picture in America is really rough right now. I’m not sure we will be able to continue as we are. Will we be able to follow the American dream and pay off our house and retire? Will we be able to live long enough to see our grandchildren born? Who knows.

But I am one of the lucky ones. I got to speak to my grandparents about living without. Something the kids of this day only hear about second hand. I have the straight scoop.

1. If it’s broken get it fixed. If you don’t mind doing it yourself, borrow a book from the library and just simply fix it. Don’t even think about buying a new one. Fix it and be grateful.

2. Store enough food to last you at least six months. If you don’t have a freezer, learn to can. Visit your local super store and stock up on canned meat, vegetables and fruits. Get emergency supplies like bottled water, bread, staples like flour – sugar – etc.

3. Don’t let your gas tank go below 1/8th of a tank. Even for short runs, make sure that gas tank is topped off.

4. If the sun is shining and it’s chilly, close the windows and open the drapes. Use the sun to heat your home. If it’s cold, make sure you have an alternative heat supply. Cut down trees if you have a fireplace. Get blankets. Wear more clothes.

5. Stock up on your vices. If you smoke, buy cartons. If you drink, buy gallons. Store things in a cool dark place. Learn to make your own.

6. If you are on prescription drugs make sure you have enough to get you through a crisis. Fill prescriptions on a regular basis. Keep a certain place in your home for a first aid kit. Stock it with pain killers, aspirin, antibiotics and Band-Aids.

7. Don’t waste anything. If you fix a meal and have leftovers, freeze them for a hasty lunch.

8. Make sure you have backup batteries for everything you own - Radios, flashlights, alarm clocks. You will need emergency candles and fire starters for the fireplace if you have one. I make my own firestarters from cardboard egg cartons, lint from the dryer and old candles. Handy. A wind up emergency radio will keep you posted in A.M. to anything unusual.

9. Make sure you have at least 20 gallons of water per person for drinking and cooking. Buy containers that are food grade and keep them in a cool dry place. Make sure the back of your toilet is always full.

10. Keep reading material always at hand. Board games as well will help to keep the mind active during long black outs.

11. Don’t forget your pets. Stock up on Dog, Cat or whatever food you might need in an emergency. They have to eat too.

Thank God I had Grandparents who talked to me. Thank God for the parents that taught me.

I’m going to settle in now and listen to “W” talk about how the foxes are in the hen house.

Please let us all pray for a better tomorrow.