Saturday, August 01, 2009

I'll Be Strong

I'm listening to Nils Lofgren and a song he wrote "I'll Be Strong".

Hard comfort tonight.

Dan's Great Grand Uncle at 99 next month is in a rehad center because the hospital can't do anything more for him. He's hoping we could come down, but husband has a big business deal next week and I can't get to him. Perhaps the following week, if we're not too late.

Rebecca's nephew is still in hospital. After contracting a virus at 18 months and having numerous brain surgeries, they have replace the front skull plate but he's running a low grade temperature and was supposed to be released from hospital four days ago. They are keeping him. MRI's are fine.


Life for me has been "stop and go" for the last few months. I would love to write something fantastical in prose or poetry, but my heart just isn't into it.

I think I would love to marry some little pill that would make everything better, but this is life...MY LIFE...and I will deal with it as I see fit.

I wonder if anyone will even read this.


Karen said...

I've thought about you and wondered where you were. Knowing this has been your lot is such a sorrow, Roberta.

Hugs to you...

J.J. said...

I'm so glad I stopped by and read this, even though it is a month later (you promised to let me know when you posted! :)

I hope things have gotten better since then. You've been on my mind lately and some instinct compelled me to see if you'd posted anything. Perhaps we can do some writing together, just for fun and to get your mind off things. A poem, a short story, a little ditty.

I will send a prayer for you and those you keep vigil for.

luv u