Sunday, February 07, 2010

A Change of Life

A Change of Life

A great many things have happened to me since September and the death of a Grand Old Uncle seemed to culminate into the mix.

Life can throw you a curve or two (or three) and you sit somewhere and roll your eyes and think to yourself, who in the world would find ANYTHING you have to say interesting? One has to ponder these things, before putting themselves out on the limb.

Back to basics. Okay, Uncle George died. I miss him every day. As much as I complained about him, I miss him more. He was a grand old man, head of the family and we all feel like our rudder is missing. But he's gone and we have to carry on.

Carrying on. I was a "dyed in the wool Democrat", as are most of the people of this fair state of West Virginia. I followed the Democratic line loyally until the early 80's. When Ronald Regan made promises he actually kept regarding the economy, I registered confidently as a Republican and have been one until this past week.

"I have not left the Republican Party, the Republican Party has left me."

Dan and I have both left our party and registered Independent. I almost feel comfortable in my own skin. When in college and asked to join this sorority or the other, I always proudly proclaimed I was a GDI! (God Damned Independant!) Why not now?

Why NOT now. The Democrats and the Republicans have agenda's that are so far left of the Conservative view, they seem to be insane! They are both too far left for my comfort and I have to admit, I don't even recognize them anymore. There is infighting, lawbreaking! There are moves made that even "I" don't recognize to be legal!

And this Obama "character". Good Lord! How did we let him in office? I agree with Sara Palin. "How's that whole Change-y, Hope-y thing working out for ya?" Love it. I need someone in office that isn't listening to the special interest groups and someone who is listening, as MY REPRESENTATIVE, to me.

I have written to my Congressmen/Women, and my Senators over issues regarding coal, global warming, taxes ...etc, etc. Every Damn One of Them (forever now known as EDOT) has sent back a form letter essentially saying, "Dear you. Pat on the head but you don't have a dog in this hunt and I know what you want."

I want to tell you this, EDOT. You do not know what I want, but I assure you. I know how to get what I want and I'm not afraid to try.

I am urging ALL West Virginians to join the Independent Party. Get out of that Democratic rubble and choose to vote as you see fit in the next election.

We can do this.


Frank Wilson said...

Amen, Roberta. I couldn't agree more.

Anonymous said...

Well I love your passion, Roberta! You Go!