Thursday, January 03, 2008

Old Spice

There is a scent I can not forget. A scent of being cuddled under my grandfathers arm, marveling at his mahogany tan and the strength of his muscles.

Tonight, my husband asked me if I thought he should be wearing a “scent” besides soap and water.

I hesitated.

I have always been drawn to “Old Spice” but am sure that it would be incestuous to request that he wear this.

It is the first manly scent of my childhood… Where I found first I was attracted to aromas.

I think I will allow him to continue to wear soap and water.

Nothing more could measure up.


Dominic said...
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Wayne said...

Hey I loved that stuff. (I still use their shaving soap, don't tell anyone.)

Dominic said...

A bit of Parmesan cheese rubbed under my armpits has gotten me far... far from the crowd! ;)

Shameless said...

Lol. Put like that, yes, I think stick with the soap. :-)

puresunshine said...

my father used it! can never forget the smell! :)