Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Homicide in Ona

It’s been nice, actually
except for the part
where I don’t make French Toast
like his mom’s

Or the socks and the
or the fact that I am the one
that needs to keep the fire


And letting the dog out
in frigid temps
is too much
for him

(Except for his trips to
the other side of the lot
to feed the doe)

What with ESPN and
The Science channel.

He’s going to have to
go back to work soon
or there is going to
be a news headline.

Homicide in Ona.


Dominic said...

Law & Order

Minx said...

Hahahahaha - should I be laughing?

Roberta said...

Yes, Dom. Law & Order. And a little bit of Homicide.

Laugh as you will Minx. I read from you the same frustration!

All is well, we got out for a bit of a slippy drive today.

Shameless said...

Excellent poem. Hope it doesn't come true though. :-) Happy New Year, Roberta!