Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Turn the Page 2008

Take a deep breath
and relax today
the holidays
have been tucked away
in a box

The gifts have been
absorbed into the house
like an ameba
working themselves
into your daily life

Just watch the fire
make a few resolutions
and wait for the snowstorm
to hit the house
and leave it impossible to
leave it tomorrow

Got nowhere you have to be

Feel the joy
and remember it
and make it part
of every breath you take
for the next three hundred and sixty
days ahead.

So take a deep breath
start that journal
change your attitude
Live IT!


Dominic said...

I'm gonna start the New Year on January 6th - leave the first week to relax before diving in!

Roberta said...

Ya gotta start on January 1. It doesn't take of you don't!

Roberta said...
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Dominic said...

Nope, gotta wait. La Befana, the Italian Christmas Witch, arrives on the 6th to give all of us good Italian children our toys!