Monday, October 22, 2007

Phinal Phoctober Shot

The hills are alive with the sound of
everything but music this time of year;
the sound of squirrels barking in the trees

The sound of doe and buck bartering for ground
and mates

The sound of dry leaves as they scrape across the
Rain on the roof.

My phinal Phoctober shot.
I love the color of the mauve and the yellow
mixed with the green and browns.
The rose and the yellow.

It's my favorite time of year.


Shameless said...

Good to see you've caught the phoctober bug. The photos are very refreshing and make me want to walk outside and smell the air! :-)

Dominic said...

Someday in your woods you'll capture Big Foot - or he'll capture you.

Roberta said...

I thought the leaves would never change, Seamus!

Dom. Shhh. I have him tied up in the basement. He likes my Sunday Suppers but he makes a bit of a mess.

Taffiny said...

The words and the photo sitting warmly side by side, I enjoyed them both.

Roberta said...

Thank you Taffiny!
You should see the doe. They are really filling out now. The bucks are getting their horns.

Beautiful beasts.