Saturday, October 20, 2007

Praying Mantis

You turn your head
and tilt your chin
and I’m a thousand times
bigger than you…
You suck me in

Your eyes rotate
your hands turn to prayer
you could probably sedate me
with a wondering stare
You suck me in

You are beautiful
You are!
elongated and stern
yet eager to set your
hands in a curve

You suck me in.


Dominic said...

Lovely poem! And ironic? I presume that by "You suck me in" you mean that the praying mantis will eat you, because that's what they do - eat everything in their path - including their mates after sex. Even birds:

Roberta said...

Good LORD!!! I looked at that sight and immediately killed that bug.

(not really, I couldn't find him)

Horrible beast!