Sunday, February 18, 2007

This Has To End

Out there somewhere is a road
that leads to all kinds of
wonderful things, like
grocery stores and pharmacies,
resturants and movies,
my children
my work

Squalls keep covering us
with snow
as if it were
vomit from a troubled sky
every half hour, another
heave, another deluge
as if dear old
Mother Nature has
the flu

This has to end,
I've been stuck here for
two days
I've cancelled Sunday Supper
and told the kids
to stay on the flat lands
put the roast back in the
and started chili
..and a fire in the hearth

In two days it is supposed to
be fifty degrees.

That is two days too far


Minx said...

The romantic ideal of being snowed in is far from the dreary reality.

Roberta said...

...after so many days of pounding snow, little romance is left.

anna said...

Chili, it's the magic food here also for when there's a storm.
I wish it would warm up just a bit
the temps have been near 0F for ages. and windy! damn wind.
a seed catalogue came today
love em!!!!!!!!!!!

Roberta said...

I'm sick of chili and I'm sick of snow!!!!!

It was 58 degrees today. Everything turned to mud. Especially my dog.

I dare hope we are out of the woods, but it's only February. I won't feel safe until the end of March.

Cailleach said...

What a great poem - I like the way it reminded me of 'ol Rob Frost and his Snowy evening in the woods... prolly got that title wrong, but whaddaya expect after a few Coors lights!