Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Married with Children

Don't take me to dinner
The flowers will die
I won't eat the candy
so why even try?

We're older than dirt
We've been through this before
I won't wear a skirt
So there's the door.

A card would be nice
But I won't keep it dearly
We'll have steak and a beer
and turn in early

You know I love you
I wash your socks
...and if you love me...
a night off ROCKS!


Minx said...

Thy love is like a red, red, rose - thorny and covered in greenfly! Heh.

Verilion said...

You made me giggle with this one. There is a lot of personality in this poem too. I like it.

anna said...

Oh Roberta. (sigh) i sure know this feeling. Love the spunk! Hee.