Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A Challenge

I'm going to put a challenge out. One word. One word to write about. You can include it in the story, you can include it in the poem. Use it as an idea. Use it as a spring board...but make it under 250 words.

The word prompt is ALCHEMY. Post them here and link to your blog.

Here is mine:


She had a look, a perfect touch
to the top of her eye
the eyebrow arched in black
significantly to leave
a perfect sphere
entangled with the color
outlined in green

…and he was caught.

In those perfect eyes
he could see his future and his
horrible past
and wish to live out his days
below that perfect eyebrow
and into the sea of
blue and perfect green

…and she was caught

looking into earnest eyes
fringed so dark with
black lashes
and a heart throb of crinkles
bottoming out
with a smile that
weaved a life time
of safe

They were caught

And it wasn’t a bad thing.


Minx said...

Oooh, looks inviting! Will have a think about this at work!

d_orlando said...

The simplest challenges are often the toughest!

Thinking about it here, too.

Roberta said...

Think harder and faster you two! I'm waiting!!

Minx said...

Okay, okay, tis done....

Cailleach said...

Having a think about this Roberta, you don't want much from peeps, do you..? ;)

d_orlando said...


I can't hold out too much longer and
Her patience must be wearing thin
As my butt isn't, sittin' here thinkin'

Then a thought fleeted as they often do
"Why not just write down anything,
Anything that crosses my fertile mind?"

It's not like it hasn't been done before
Jack Kerouac wrote on rolls of paper
So as not to lose time changing sheets.

Well, here I go without any preparation
Extemporaneously letting it all hang out
Is that a draft, a chill between my ears?

No, it's just the wind and the tumbleweeds
Blowin' 'n rollin' across my inner wasteland
Water... I need water... so thirsty... water...

The human brain is about 80 percent water
So if it dries up a little, our thoughts do, too
Probably why so many writers are alcoholics

The most difficult thing about improvisation
Is figuring out when to stop with the babblin'
And start heading toward the denouement

Here I go then, grittin' my teeth, bitin' my lip,
Turning Japanese, throbbin', the blood rushin'
Ready, ready to blow my top... wait... wait...

It's literarus interruptus rearing its ugly head
Extemporaneously interfering, blocking all chances
Of the little death becoming a my poetic climax.

Roberta said...

Wild applause! Excellent Dominic!

Was it good for you too? ;)

Roberta said...


I have peeps?

Amin said...

Roberta, you certainly do have peeps!

I've published mine and I did it in 214 words.

Quite an interesting challenge to see what can be done in under 250 words.