Monday, February 26, 2007


As I walked by
I caught a glimpse of
orange tabby
sitting just outside
my basement door

Looking in…
I thought the dogs
had finished him
or her
years ago

And yet it survives
to catch me in its
big brown gaze
before walking

I hurried to the upper
deck to follow its
massive shoulders and
mangy fur, probably
It walked with a limp
from some previous
fight …I think it won…

I was curious about
that tabby until it sat down
turned to look at me, holding
my attention with brown
hard eyes
and piteously mewed

…my heart broke for him
because I wondered if he
missed warm bowls of milk
and a snuggle in a lap…or if
in that mew, he simply had
a moment of weakness for a
kind heart

I’ve not seen him since
but I know I will


d_orlando said...

For cat and family lovers... watch Valse Triste from Allegro Non Troppo and weep.


Roberta said...

Oh Dominic! I cried my eyes out! What a wonderfully sensitive short film!

anna said...

Oh Roberta you are a big sap like me. I feed them all. and everybody on this damn little island knows it and drops off all their unwanted at my door.
Phooey to them!

Roberta said...

Oh, I know Anna. They break my heart. From Raccoon litters to deer, I've had it all.

But they have such big eyes and are so needy...Just like in Dom's film. Such a need.

Minx said...

I think we must have a transmitter, Roberta, that says small, pathetic things come hither!
I have a particular love of cats - so intelligent. Although Owen managed to get his leg caught in his collar this week - dozy twit!

Roberta said...

Kate, I think I do have a transmitter. It just breaks my heart to see something suffering so. Tender heart, I suppose.