Sunday, October 01, 2006

They Come

Each carrying large baskets
filled with laundry
and as the washer hums
and the dryer dries

They come
and I am never happier
to see the faces
of my boys and
their girlfriends.

(I might as well say
daughters because I love
them both to death)

They come
and they eat
massive meals
(of which I’m sure
they sometimes enjoy)

But they come
and they visit and
help with chores -
a few we’re too
fragile to do -
and they

Come and they sit
and they tell us
about the week they’ve
had and we
watch the sunset
before they

(Always taking away
leftovers because
I cook too much
on purpose)

I hope they never stop


d_orlando said...

Oh, they'll keep coming alright. I've read your mouth-watering descriptions of your home-cooked meals. Heck, I'd come if I lived nearby! ;)

Minx said...

I'd come and we could have tea!

Rich McDonough said...

Ro, you've got me feeling all mushy. And as much as I say "I can't wait till you go away to college." I don't mean it for a minute. Lovely post.

Roberta said...

Thanks Dom, Minx and Rich...

Dom, you are always invited to Sunday Supper. (I'll make what we had yesterday.)

Minx. Come for tea! Come for tea!!!

Rich, they come back and bring others with them. That's the fun of it.

Shadowrite said...

Wonderful Roberta!

d_orlando said...

I'm waiting for the follow up poem titled They Go. ; )

Jen said...

Now I feel so guilty for not being able to make it the past two weeks. I will see you Sunday! <3 Jen

Susan Abraham said...

Lovely in that heartwarming way, Roberta. Thanks for dropping by.

Leo said...

Sounds like a beautiful family!

Minx said...

They do Leo, but the have 'come' long enough. Give us another Roberta?