Thursday, September 28, 2006

Hot Cup of Tea

The sky is so heavy
it weeps in stages
of grief so deep
and unending
it must have lost
its best friend

bone aching dampness
a chill that won’t
be chased away
with this hot cup
of sweet tea

even the dog
can’t seem to
rustle up the
energy to bark
at the mailman
but would prefer
to lie on her favorite
chair and look
at me out of one

just in case
I decide to
get ambitious
enough to
uncurl myself
and get off
the couch


anna said...

I know this feeling Roberta although here today it is as crisp as a bite of granny smith apple. your poem is as
wonderful as a steamy bowl of squash soup. yummy!

Roberta said...

Thank you Anna! on top of being lazy, I'm hungry.

Susan Abraham said...

Hi Roberta,

What clever imagery you use for the grand scene of what could perhaps be a thunderstorm...

A soothing poem of time recaptured & standing still.


Юры Сьмірноў said...

Haven't had my tea yet. Will have it now in a minute. So, your poem came just in time.
One difference: instead of a well-poised quiet dog there's a crazy cat around who wants something all the time, but I have a vague suspicion he doesn't have a clear-cut idea of what it is that he wants.

To be serious, I like your poems. Don't know too many American poets except for Whitman, Poe, Eliot and Frost. Now I know one more.

dominic said...

Summer's over. Don't worry, Roberta. It'll come back next year. ; )

Minx said...

There is a rainy day conspiracy going on today (just been over to Susan).
Rain, who cares, as long as you have 'tea' (assam of course).

Shadowrite said...

Lazy, beautiful, gorgeous poem. Love the last stanza.


Atyllah said...

Lovely poem, Roberta, I know the feeling well - and remember those eyes that used to watch me, just in case.
Delightful stuff.

Roberta said...

Susan, Yuri, Jasmine, Minx, Dom and Attylah

Thank you so much for commenting on my sillyness. Lazy days are over for now and I'm back to work!

I hope I can continue to keep up my poetry and writing. I so dearly love them.