Friday, October 13, 2006


The debris of the week
gathers at five thirty-ish
as I shove my way through
the door
past the dog
with the groceries

I sigh
another week done
doing the bidding
of others
for something
called "money"
elusive as it is
...I never see it

The dishwasher needs
the trash taken out
the dog runs in
from the yard and
brings me a tree branch
full of dead leaves.
The carpet needs
swept, now.

It’s Friday night.
I opt for a martini
and hamburgers for
Maybe two

I’ll wrestle the cleaning
after sleep.
Or maybe I’ll pen a
very quick poem
about how good it
feels to end the
work week.

After maybe
three martinis


d_orlando said...

The Three Martini School of Poetry

You may be on to something, Roberta!

RichMcD said...

I loved this. It's just like the friday nights around here. You've ccaptured the mood perfectly.


ellenkey said...

Friday has a visual meaning now!

As I get older, I understand what all the martinis were about during the 50's movies. Coping!!!

Great visual, we all have been there!


anna said...

Oof! I too understand the need for martinis however scotch works well, even a few glasses of wine.
or a housekeeper! my god yes a housekeeper!
good stuff Roberta. enjoyed the journey even though my house needs cleaning, the dogs want a run, and
more company is on the way. hehe
ain't it grand!

Minx said...

Make mine a a gin. We live for that Friday feeling!