Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Middle C

Counting the keys
one places one’s finger
or thumb, I forget
piano lessons were
at the age of six
That was forty-four
years ago
I have reached
Middle C
and I am becoming
comfortable in that

It is pouring rain
the kind of downpour
that brings on Autumn
it will be cooler

In the cusp
right between the
seasons of
summer and
I continue
to hear
Middle C

What a sweet note
when one places one’s
or is it the thumb...

I have forgotten



dominic said...

I appreciated that one... especially since I've already reached Middle C plus 5 years! ; )

Susan Abraham said...

You have a real inborn talent for poetry, Roberta. Such a fine talent indeed. This one is multi-layered and in its pensiveness, reflects a solitary romantic mood.

anna said...

I don't hand it out often

Amin said...

That was lovely. And what a sweet way to look at Middle C (SO clever, by the way - I admire your cleverness with that).

I recently had a bit of a funny do thinking about reaching Middle C (just over 2 years to go) and became very low about it, but I like your sentiments much more.

Minx said...

Roberta, I hope you don't mind, Ihave sent a link to this poem to Frank Wilson at Books Inq.
I thought it beautiful and poignant, thank you!

Found you through Amin btw

Roberta said...

The comments here from around the world have overwhelmed me!

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I have long since past middle C and well on my way to G, I think there is one. What a sweet writing. One of my favorites.

Shadowrite said...

Absolutely beautiful! One of your best.

The Wandering Author said...

Roberta, I found you through Amin. He was right, I like this. Encouraging for one nearing "the Middle C".

Atyllah said...

Wonderful poem, Roberta - I loved it - it says it all.

Lotus Reads said...

I found a link to your blog from Amin's "Write Now" and boy was he right, this is a beautiful poem indeed!