Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Acorn

An acorn bonked me
on the head
When I realized
I wasn’t dead
I looked with horror
at the tree
And again was
bonked by three

If Newton’s Law
is true and fair
I should have apples
in my hair
But acorns bonked
me there instead
I’ll move my
chair under the shed.

Or the hickory tree


Shadowrite said...

I love the rhythm of this poem and the photo too! What an absolutely charming piece!

anna said...

Delightful! I too loved the rhythm. clever!

RichMcD said...
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RichMcD said...
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RichMcD said...

I love acorns
I love trees
I love Roberta
When she tickles me


Roberta said...

Thank you Rich! I knew you'd get tickled enough to stutter~. ;)

Susan Abraham said...

Hi Roberta,

I have linked you on my blogroll under, Turn the Page. It was a pleasure to do that for you.

Thank you for your lovely encouraging words.
A lot of what I write is satire.

On the other hand, your blog is a treasured find. It's precious, romantic, tranquil, calm colourful. Most of all, it's inspirational.

I could easily come here, pretending it was a quiet bench in a park and reflect a little on life's mysteries every other day.

Your poems are beautiful...indeed, thank you to your mum.
My favourite being Quiet Please, probably because of the images of running and streams.

Hope you'll visit again.

Roberta said...

Thank You so much for visiting Susan! Your wonderful comments will be treasured!

dominic said...

You're nutz! In a tasty way. ;)

ellen key said...


I love this poem. I can imagine this in a book similar to (Where the sidewalk ends by Silverstein) Fun, kid like, snappy. You have the poetry rhythm girl!


ellen key said...


This is a great child's poem. I can imagine a character sketched in the image of Silverstein book (Where the SideWalk Ends). Fun poem, you have poetry rhythm girl!