Thursday, September 14, 2006

To My Sister

Hush, don’t wake them
you need not get dressed
just slip on your slippers
and follow me

I’ve a thermos of
hot tea - laced with
rum - of course
and cookies

we will follow
the flagstone path to
that little place on the

always mindful of our
step, we are getting up
there, you know...
we’ll follow the fireflies

like children following
Peter Pan
to Neverland
giggling in whispers

we’ll place a fire in
the pit and nestle back
in ancient wrought iron chairs
sipping tea

while the doe gossip
about the firelight
on our same colored


dominic said...

I loved your reference to gossipy deers. They really are busybodies, aren't they? ; )

Susan Abraham said...

An eternally youthful sisterhood!

Yuri Smirnou said...

I loved your blog right when I came across it. Quiet and tasteful. Great pictures.
Subscribed to an RSS feed at once.

anna said...

Oh Roberta! that last line just gave me shivers. how excellent!

Roberta said...

Thank you Dom, Susan, Yuri and Anna. I so appreciate your kind comments.

Yuri, I can not find a way to contact you so I am hoping you will visit again. I've checked out your writings. Very spiritual and moving!

Amin said...

Roberta, I love your writing so I've tagged you.

If you take a look at

you'll see what the tag's all about!

Roberta said...

I've been tagged? Does that mean I run around in the dark finding people hiding behind trees? Does this mean I am "it"?

Okay, Amin, I have read your how does this work?

Shadowrite said...

Roberta, beautiful!

And hey, bhaswati tagged me too. Let me know what Amin says about how this all works because I'm too lazy to figure it out! :)))))