Saturday, September 09, 2006

Quiet Please!

Quiet please
and let me sit
on this rock and
let the cold water
run over my

Let me look
at the trees
and hear
the sound
of nothing
just once
just for a moment

Please be quiet
and let
the only babbling
I hear
be the stream
or the birds
not you

Please be quiet
and stop
inane blathering
about things you
don't know about and
never will

Just let me
sit here
with my feet
in the cold
running stream
while I

Hold you under.


Shadowrite said...

Oh Roberta, you reeled me in good! LOL! I was enjoying the serenity of your words, the beauty of the photo that went with it, then --- POW! That last line!


Anonymous said...

You're funny!! xoxo

Roberta said...

LOL Jas! I loved writing this! Terrible prose, but gave me a laugh.

Thank you for reading!

anna said...

Laughing so hard! wonderful ending.
I know that feeling so well.

Amin said...

Now that ended unexpectedly!

I loved the plea for silence and calm and then - bam! - the final line.

Turned the entire thing into one of the funniest things I've read in a while.

I loved it.

Roberta said...

Thank you Amin! How kind of you to stop by and read my silliness.

Anna, thank you as always. I'm still chuckling over this one. That last line was an afterthought...and I'm so glad I used it!

dominic said...

Wonderful! I kept imagining a beer chilling in the water beside your feet. ;)

Anneliese said...

Hi Roberta: Our mutual friend Dominic sent me over to your blog. I enjoy your posts and when I came to this one, I had to laugh out loud - read my similar post:

If the text is too small, I'll find a different way to share.