Thursday, May 01, 2008


My father will kill me.

Husband and I were talking on the deck tonight, between martinis, about religion and faith. I was raised a Methodist, as was he. The only problem is, we've lost our Methodist faith.

I explained to him that as long as my trees come back every year and fill my soul with green, I believe that God has smiled on me through nature. He agreed.

We discussed "The Money Changers" in the Bible. How religion has become so tainted with people that expect to be paid for doing the work of the Holy.

Yet the trees, the land, the Earth doesn't expect payment, only respect.

This is not to say that the Ten Commandments can not be honored. They are probably the first instructions for a civilized life. Then add to that the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you..

Does that not bring us back to the land and our brethren?

It all comes back to respect.

I have raised two males to respect us and the land and each other. Should I have given them a sense of the cosmic? Should I have lied to them?

The world and the word is awsome, and should be studied. However, in this life to be sensible and calm and appreciate what is given is most appropriate.

As I said, my father is going to kill me for this. I'm sorry Daddy. These are my beliefs. Blame it on the Darwin Youth Minister you had fired when I was fifteen.


Dominic said...

... to be sensible and calm and appreciate what is given..."

Welcome to Buddhism

Minx said...

Sounds as if you have found your own faith for your own reasons. Humankind will eventually come to the conclusion that we all believe in the same thing - we just choose to name, or see it in a different way.
Keep your current faith, Roberta, it has made you the person you are.