Friday, March 07, 2008

Thank you Mamma

Mamma sent the robins home
Fat and happy here to roam
Content to pick up worms and yet
I bet they remember her.

Mamma sent the robins home
They flock in my front yard but none
Will tell me of my own dear mom
And how she cared for them

Mamma sent the robins home
A bit too early, it might seem
The storm is coming and it might
Cause them all to flitter home

She said she fed them
Kept them warmth
Gave them to me
Safe from harm

Mamma sent the robins home
Its spring.
Thank you Birmingham.


Dominic said...

Great poem!

Rockin' Roberta... tweet, tweet tweet!

Roberta said...

Robins are a common bird here in the summer. They migrate south, and mom told me she sees them in the fall.

I have flocks of them! They are all fat and happy so Mom must have taken good care of them this winter. :)

Dominic said...

The robins know that Spring's right around the corner!

Jo said...

Oh that was lovely!