Tuesday, March 11, 2008


The doe nibble on things
offered once essential to their

Now they nosh

We sigh in relief
knowing they have made it through
one more winter

Apple block is in order
must be planted beneath
the oak so the mothers-to-be
can pass the nutrients on
to the babies

Eventide. The sun hasn't even set
and I'm ready for bed


Dominic said...

I love this piece. It reads like several linked haiku poems of similar themes. Wonderful.

Shameless said...

Roberta, these last two poems are very appealing. They have a freshness about them, reflecting the nature you're writing about. Excellent.
Also, are you up to the challenge of being our final writer for Grace's story. Bonnie has set the scene for the finale, over at the circle site. let me know if you can do this. It would be a pleasure to have you take Grace's story to the end! :-) If you preferred, you could also contact Bonnie to see if she had ideas about the end, so you weren't alone in nutting it out. :-)