Monday, January 14, 2008

Knit One, Pearl Two.

:: My friend Wayne is doing character impressions from a writing exercise he took in a writing class.. I decided to follow his lead. It feels really good. ::

Here: I believe I am going to try this exercise again for the next few weeks. See if it improves my writing perspective.


She sits in her rocker and time spans in the number of "Knit one, pearl two" as her hands work away the hours.

They are fragile hands, the skin parchment, blue veins appear as if to burst through. But it is her smile you recognize when watching her rock back and forth, back and forth.

She is happy with the results of her existence. She has stories to tell! They come in spurts, uncluttered by editors or sequence. They are the threads of her life, told in good humor and slipping dentures.

Silver headed she dips to the rhythm of action, fingers moving as she speaks.

Who knows what she is weaving. Who cares? It’s the telling of the tale that matters.


Roberta said...

I know. It's dreadful and mostly unreadable...but remember this is an exercise. I'll do better next time.

Dominic said...

Don't cry for us, Mrs. Nolte...

Sorry, couldn't help myself! ;)

Roberta said...

Ha. Only you Dom, only you.

Minx said...

Why are you apologising, there is some good stuff in there? I would like to hear the tale.

Roberta said...

Thanks Minx. I'll try a few more as exercise. Work that writing muscle a bit ..