Thursday, November 01, 2007

Illness Strikes

Last Sunday afternoon, husband came down with a fever. He went promptly to bed missing my amazing Sunday supper and visiting with the kids.

Monday he wasn’t any better.

This is Thursday. He felt a tad better today but went to the doctor who deemed it necessary to draw blood and run a blood scan.

This evening his temperature is up to 101.7. This is a man that can't stand to be in one place at any particular time. He has to move. He has to be up and running things.

I thought it was just a virus, perhaps a nasty one.

Now I’m getting scared.

Forgive me for not writing poetry or stories.

Life sometimes gets in the way.


Dominic Orlando said...

It sounds like Dan has a nasty case of the flu. Hope gets well very soon!

Minx said...

Thoughts are with you, Roberta, hope all is well, or getting well.

Shameless said...

Hi Roberta,
How are things? I hope your husband is better. :-)

Roberta said...

Thanks all for your concern. He's back to work.

The blood panel came back negative, and after 7 days with a high fever it's back to normal.

His discussion with our "health care professional"

He: You told me to call on Friday, do you have the results?

She: Call back next week. Your practitioner is out today.

He: You told me to call today.

She: Sorry.



He: I was told to call for my test results?

She: I gottem. What do you need to know?


She: We don't have a clue.

He: WHAT??

She: Your blood panels are normal. Must have been a bug.

He: Do I have to pay for this??:?!!!!!

Anndi said...

Glad he's feeling better. And I totally agree with him.

Roberta said...

Anndi, thanks for visiting! I hope you will return!