Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ten Things I Hate About Being an Empty Nester

1. I cook a meal for two. There are always leftovers.

2. Cleaning the bathrooms on Wednesday.

3. Nobody says, "Hey, can you help me with..."

4. Cleaning the house and leaving it. It's still clean when I return.

5. No alarm clocks.

6 No meetings at school.

7. No parent teacher meetings.

8. No "Night. Sleep well."

9. Did I mention leftovers?

10. Waiting for the phone to ring.


Shameless said...

Hi Roberta,
Lucille looks swell out in the blogosphere! I know what you mean about those things you list there ... but hopefully other things can take their place. Some people would swap some with you tomorrow though ... no alarm clocks, coming home to a clean house! :-) Sorry your links are missing as well. Do you want me to put them up for you? Let me know if there's anything I can do. :-)
Oh, don't forget, you may need to put the space code in the body of your post, at the very top of the page:  
This will stop the text or photos riding close to the post title. :-)

Dominic said...

Now we need to read the top ten lists from your boys.

Minx said...

I think it is a time that you always look forward to and when it comes all you want to do is turn back the clock.

More time for blogging/writing and you!

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

It's always VERY QUIET and dark throughout the house... because you only need the lights on in the room(s) that you are in.

Remember saying you wished you had 'peace and quiet'?

Peace and quiet are two totally different things.

Scarlett & V.