Monday, October 15, 2007


(Homeland Security Be damned)

At six o'clock this morning I thought I heard my neighbor across the street leaving for work. Then I heard my screen door close. I thought it was my imagination.

The dog was resting quietly between us. She did not bark.

At eight o'clock husband went to his car to head out for work. There was much yelling.

His car, my car and our truck had all been broken into .

His car was locked. However, the work things he'd packed into it the night before are now gone. My car was unlocked. They took all of my speakers. There was nothing in the truck.


From his car:

His wallet:
$120. in cash
all of our credit cards
all of his company credit cards.

Brief case:
Daytimer with $600 mad money
back up credit cards
Check book with Home Equity Line of credit

1. Fluke a-3 Multimeter Model # 83V worth $329.
2. Fluke Ame Probe Model #334 worth $ 153
3 Raytek Infarred temperature measurment Gun Model MTS $90.00
5 Fuji Digital Camera with memory card $300.00

Gold clubs
One driver (Venture) worth 35.00
One three wood, Golden Bear: $55.00

Tools: Miscellaneous: Worth about $100.00

Out of our Subaru Forrester:

1 Box Speaker $50.00
1 Speaker out of the side door $15.00

Face value: about $800. in Savings bonds the grandparents gave to Max for various Holidays.

All of our personal information was stolen.

Now I'm pissed. That dog couldn't bark at 6:00 in the morning when all of stuff was being taken, but she can bark at the police when they arrive?

Why was our house the only one targeted for this?

If this dog gets a package of Milkbones in the mail in the near future, I'm having her put down. Period. She was in on it.


Minx said...

Oh, Roberta, how awful - such a violation. Hope you managed to cancel all that needed cancelling. I have often wondered about booby trapping our cars.

I have sympathy about your not-so-great guard dog. Ours used to bark at owls but refused to wake up when someone was emptying our shed.

Shameless Words said...

What a pain in the butt! This is always such a terrible event, and you kind of hope someone breaks into THEIR homes and cars, so they know what it feels like. But then the circle just goes on. It's strange how the dog didn't bark. He may've sensed terrible danger. I hope your identities at least are OK. Stay strong.

Dominic said...

I agree with you about the pooch. And what about hat doe you photographed a couple of weeks ago? Are you sure it wasn't casing your place? Keep an eye on both of them.

Kidding aside... I hope they catch the @#%#@ thieves soon!


Verilion said...

Oh this is terrible! But pooch was probably protecting you, he would have pounced and eaten their shins if you they had come near the house.

Roberta said...

I want to thank you all for your sympathetic responses.

We're fine. Actually did everything recommended to protect our identities. The bonds are replacable. The cash is gone, so are the tools.

The damnable inconvenience of having everything rerouted and replaced is the bad part.

Husband is getting a security system for the house. I just hope the notion of a hand gun doesn't enter his horrified head. I won't have it. I'll kill them with a bee-bee gun if I have to fire it a thousand times.

Keep posted! Again thanks for the concern.

P.S. No milkbones in the mail. The dog is safe.

Dominic said...

What about your cat? Hmm?