Monday, May 07, 2007

My Muse Has Taken A Hike!

My muse has taken a hike.

Please see the above poster picture of her. She’s about three inches tall and truly lovely. I could kill her with my own bare hands.

All I did was become obsessed with my work for a few months. Obsession became disappointment and then aggravation. I understand she got tired of me bitching about it, but she didn’t have to leave me. A simple kick in the shins would have sufficed.

She’s done this before, you know. I caught her riding up I-79 on the back of a Harley, her robes riding perilously high on her thighs, the wind blowing her hair. She was laughing hysterically and hugging the biker around the waist. (At least I think that was what she was doing.)

I had to call the State Police and report a Muse on a motorcycle without a helmet.

She sulked for months.

When she finally came around, she offered me such lovely ideas and joyous praise when I’d finally written something. We shared chocolates and tea in the afternoon. She loved a little toddy in the evening. She in turn offered me the most priceless observations on the world and on life.

Now she’s taken a hike again. Gas prices are outrageous. Do I really have to get in the car and run up I-79 to find her again?

I guess I’ll just leave the window open and hope she pops back like Peter Pan.

Since I haven’t a job to bitch about, I’m sure she will return.


L>T said...

We have flies here as big as hornets. Now I have to worry about 3 inch muses. Crap! Hope I didn't spray one with something.

Verilion said...

If your muse has taken a hike where did this lovely post come from? I reckon she's playing hide and seek in the garden cos you took off somewhere nice without her.

Minx said...

Sounds like she's not too far away.

Chocolate, tea and toddy's - sounds like my type of gal!

Roberta said...

I think she's on her way back. I could hear rustling in the bushes this afternoon and faint giggling.

I'm hoping she brought me some chocolate. I'm fresh out!