Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Grand Adventure!

Well, I’m off.

After sitting in this house for two weeks with the phone off the hook and my own nerves shot, husband and I are taking in a grand adventure.

We leave in the morning.

We’ve rented a car and are traveling to Baltimore Maryland. We’ll arrive at the Inner Harbor and stay here.


The rooms are outrageous. For the price they should bring me breakfast in bed, scrub my back in the bath, give me a pedicure, do my laundry AND furnish meals. But this is a once in a life time thing.

Did I mention that today is May first? MY MONTH! Woooo hoooo!!!

First my anniversary, then it’s Mother’s Day, topped off at the end of the month with my birthday! The boys call it Mom’s Month.

I’ll be back on Sunday with pictures from our trip!

I’m so excited.


Minx said...

Enjoy, clear your head and give yourself a break. Good things are coming.....

Verilion said...

Well you deserve it Roberta, look forward to hearing from you when you get back.