Sunday, March 04, 2007

On Easter

Please don’t let me die in summer.
Black is so oppressive in the heat
and the smell of flowers overwhelm
and smother sickeningly -
of course, I'm sure,
I won't smell any better.

I’d rather not die in autumn, it
doesn’t seem appropriate
to die as the sun starts
to fade, and I would miss
the changing leaves

I should not die in winter -
the ground so cold and hard -
the holidays would
be ruined.
How rude of me.

But let me die in spring
and lay me down to sleep
beneath the ground warm and
fragrant and I will help
the tiny seedlings sprout
to violets and green grass

Yes, let me die in spring
and they can do the eulogy
about rebirth and renewal

…and everyone will finally get it.


Minx said...

Always fancied being as awkward as possible! Asking people to wear summer dresses in the middle of winter, bear suits in summer, and insisting that everyone dance to 'God save the queen' by the Sex Pistols!

But spring is as good a time as any.

Amin said...

Roberta, simply beautiful.

Spring is my favourite time of year and I've never thought about dying then, forming part of the renewal of life.

Very powerful final line. Really hits home.

d_orlando said...

Reading it made want to go out and eat a pascal lamb. ; )

Atyllah said...

Smart words, Roberta - one wouldn't think of it, but with renewal, of course spring must be the best time to die.