Monday, January 08, 2007

My Dad

I can walk into any photographic
business and smell the penetrating
aroma of chemicals and feel at home

My dad, working late every night
to accomplish what six men
should have done.
My Dad!

Later in life, in his sixties
He finally achieved what
He wanted to do in life.

Serve God.

…and off he rode
on mountain roads
to do what he thought
he should do.

Three little churches
Needing a pastor
He did it…and more.
Showing me, his aging daughter
That it’s never too late

My Dad!

I live too far away these days
to visit him as I should
In pictures of him I see
a neat little crook to his eye
To say he understands it all
and forgives me anyway.

I remember him at fifty.
I’m fifty now.

I miss my Wonderful dad.


d_orlando said...

And a wonderful piece, Roberta!

Even though words are highly descriptive, a photo of your dear old Dad would be an appropriate accompaniment!

Minx said...

You are never too far away even when they leave this plane!

Roberta said...

Dear Dom. I added a picture taken of Daddy this past Christmas day. He looks very happy.

Dear Minx, I don't believe my dad has ever jumped from a plane. I think it's just plain to see that planes are not his thing. ;)

anna said...

Love the photo! and the sentiment!
this is wonderful Roberta.
Your dad looks like the kind of dad we all would want.

_Soulless_ said...

This speaks to me, and I soften. For it reminds me of my beloved grandfather who is, in his 80s, a retired pastor; and that, sadly, I also live too far away from him to visit as often as I would've wanted. *sniff*

Thank you for sharing this. ^_^

Roberta said...

Dear Soulless,

Please make arrangements to make the trip.

My heart,