Thursday, December 21, 2006


We are the sum
of the part
of everyone we
have ever met

My mother told me
long ago
Wise woman
The thought so deep

Have a thought
or an emotion
carry it through
then turn your head

another thought
another emotion
another care
or need to be met

In an instant
we gather these
thoughts, these
generated emotions
and they become
a part of who we


So turn your head
and generate
you are growing
inside, outside
turn your head

another piece
of the puzzle.


anna said...

this damn blogger!!
this is as beautiful as your mother is wise. enjoyed it tremendously.
Merry Christmas dear one!

dominic said...

Pieces on Earth and good will to all.

Happy Holidays!

Minx said...

Thoughtful words dear Roberta.
May you have a peaceful Christmas that does not end in pieces!

Sam said...

Very nice and very true!