Monday, November 27, 2006

The Secrets of Heaven


They are born
small and helpless
with deep blue
eyes that reflect
the sky

Imagine their frustration
having known God and
carried on such
wonderful conversations

to be reduced to crying
and cooing and getting
used to tiny hands and
tiny feet

Gravity defies them
they once flew to such
heights and touched
Angel’s eyes
and sang

with choirs of
so joyously they
were chosen to
come here

So listen to that
cooing sound
and watch their faces
as they try with sheer

to tell you all the secrets
of heaven
before they grow and...

So listen


d_orlando said...

Listen... and look, too.

Nice one, Roberta!

_Soulless_ said...

Such a beautiful thought to express. Thank you for sharing.

Hullo. My first time here. I've scrolled down the page to read your other poems; and a worthwhile read it has been. I particularly liked "Calliope Waits" (breathtaking imagery there).


anna said...

imagine how it must feel!
Enjoyed this tremendously Roberta

Roberta said...

Thank you my dear Dom. I love the thought of this poem.

Soulless! Please come by again! I hope you have checked out my archives...some of the poetry and images I love the best are there. (See the one I wrote for my sister)

Anna, as always, you make me feel like a real writer when you visit.

Thank you all.

Minx said...

Love the last few lines - such a shame we forget.