Monday, August 21, 2006


Not one tooth in her head,
she stood in front of store windows
all day,
dabbing at her mouth
with embarrassment
She relished one hot cup
of coffee,
while I waited for the bus,
never allowing me to pay
but appreciative of a face
across the table
that did not stare

After months,
she opened up
a bit
...enough to tell me
she'd had a
government job
and that she had to remain
hidden and alone
I did not believe her,
but played along and
always met her at the
cafeteria on cold winter
to check if she was still

In April, I told her I was
leaving town to get married
and start
a new life

She nodded.

I didn't see her for a few days
then on Thursday afternoon
she appeared with a gift
in hand
Silver sugar tongs
wrapped in paper and foil
she bought for me
without betraying any emotion
or perhaps with grace
displaying it all

I still have the tongs
and think of her on holidays
a remembrance of Violet
Who had a job with the government
but must stay
hidden and alone
Like any violet.


D.O. said...

Great, Roberta! I think Blogger suits you and your talents more than LiveJournal! Keep it up! You just might inspire me to do some blogging again! ; )


anna said...

One of my favourites!
the ending is so wonderful

dominic said...

So is that a photo or painting of the flower?

Roberta said...

It's a painting. Isn't it beautiful?