Sunday, August 20, 2006

Ides of March - The Black Crows

I caught them
just out of the corner of
my eye
driving home from work
something magic
captured my attention
and forced me to write
The Black Crows
walking across the field
smoking a cigarette
between the two
young love
Dressed in black leather
with black hair
and black t-shirts
black boots to their thighs
I wondered how much
of them was tattooed
or pierced
but quickly removed those
They enjoyed
the sun on their backs
as the wind
whipped up
leather feathers
...and too dark hair.


Shadowrite said...

I remember this poem. I love the imagery you've used, the leather, the dark feathers, the sun on their backs. Just excellent!


anna said...

I too love this poem. Love crows both feathered or leathered.
It's a great one Roberta!

dominic said...

Crows are creepy, whether they're leathered, feathered or in "leather feathers."

Great poem.