Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ghost Story

Nothing much has changed
since her fall from grace
a few glasses of drink
and he says "I’m going to bed."
She echoes, "I’ll race you!"
Next thing she knows
she’s hit her head and
through the banister
to the sofa below
cracking her back
and injuring her shoulder
and arm
and ribs

as she bites his finger
while he tries to clear
airways and start C.P.R.
He - screaming her name all
the while

She knows she has bought tomatoes –
they sit on the railings on the deck
turning blood red –She picked corn
all on her own and found it odd the
farmer wouldn’t take her cash -
and cleaned bathrooms and
vacuumed –even considered
painting the hall

if she could find the energy again
but her arm hurts and her ribs and
that nasty shoulder that doesn’t want
to heal

She watched him tonight, sharpening her
knives, the ones she used the most
Walking the dog that doesn’t seem to want
anything more from her – but wants to
whine more than usual

as she turns on the water to rinse a pan- and he sharply
turns it off
then up to bed he goes as she sets the timer on the
dishwasher and adds to the load

Curling into him, speaking over the noise of the television she asks
"Did I die in the fall?"

He doesn’t hear her. Just –
Curls into his pillow and cries.


Minx said...

An experienced piece of writing!

Dominic said...

You and your tomatoes! ; )