Sunday, June 01, 2008


Life has a way of knocking one back a few pegs
and setting up the blocks again
to tease you
taunt you
aggrivate you

Like a black dog living
in the alley way
none of this has to be true

Snarling black dog in the
alley way
You have to believe...
it's not you

Or your kid
~Your one true love~

Hitting the bricks alone

Your only heart aches
Trying to make things better for him
knowing that your efforts are dead
clearly hoping for his best interests

Knowing he has to face this alone

Alone: alone is a hard word
It's a difficult word
is a hard word for a parent to hear
Black dog sitting in the alley way
someone wants to come home
snarling comes from independence
I think someone needs a good bone


mutleythedog said...

I am a nice dog who needs a good bone meself!

Roberta said...

Mutley! How nice of you to visit. The chewies are in the corner and the kibble is in the bowl.

Dominic said...

Mutley! Your name suits you to a tee! : )

Roberta said...

Mutley is an unexpected surprist to this blog. He usually haunts the Minx. It was nice of him to drop by.