Saturday, May 17, 2008

God Help Me One Day.

I was on the hunt for flowers. Just not any flowers, but something special for my window box outside my kitchen window.

Walking in front of the local Kroger store, I noticed a woman in her 80’s pushing a grocery cart.
I smiled at her. She smiled at me.

I moved on to check out the flowers on the "front porch" finding that I didn’t want to buy a complete flat of flowers. "Do they not understand that one doesn’t want a flat? Can’t I just buy a few ?"

Walking back to the car, the little old woman was suddenly in front of me.

"I lost my car."

"You what?"

"I lost my car. I can’t find my car."

"Who drove you here?"

"No one, I drove myself," she said in broken English.

"What kind of car do you have?"

"It’s a Cadillac CTS." She replied."

"Okay, Do you have a keybob with an alarm? "

She fished in her pocket and brought out the keybob with about seven functions on it.

"I tell you what. Why don’t you walk out there and push the horn buttons and aim it in the direction of your car. The alarm will sound and then you can find your car. "

I walked away for a few minutes to find my husband. I was sure he would be exiting the store with our purchases at this time. I met him at the door.

Just as I was trying to explain to him my strange experience, I heard a car alarm go off.

"I’ll be back in a minute."

Three isles over, she stood in bewilderment, trying to follow the sound of the alarm, across a very busy parking lot, her groceries still sitting on the curb.

"Do you hear it?" I asked her as I approached her. "It’s right over there." By now I was pointing to the noise.

"I thank you so much, my dear."

I just have to smile.

God help me. One day.


Anonymous said...

This was a joy. I never get tired of watching seniors. Especially now that I have become "one of them." Linda

Minx said...

I lost a whole house the other day.

Brenda said...

Keep up the good work.