Sunday, April 13, 2008

Holding Spencer

Woke up this morning
deeply in pain
figuring I'd fallen
last night some time in
my perambulisms
I said nothing
fixed breakfast for the family
lifting frying pans
cleaning pots
concerned I was dying
I mentioned this evening
to my husband
that my ribs hurt so badly
like I'd been punched
"What have I done?"
"You held Spencer yesterday
for over an hour."
he replied simply
He must have been paying attention.
It's been years since I've
had a 'Babe in Arms'.
I would carry my own babies
for hours, relentlessly
but my body has grown so old,
it turns on me at times
...but holding Spencer,
for an hour while his mother
Simply ate her meal, feeling
him strain against me
caring for that tiny body
already, at four and a half months,
recovering from two
Open heart surgeries
Hold Spencer, while he wanted
his mother
and watching as he learned to
follow my voice with his
eyes, grasping at toys
passing gas;
and holding Spencer,
Just holding him
I fell in love.
I wonder if my body
was out of practice or
simply absorbing
some of his pain?


Minx said...

My hip does not forget the two feckers who straddled it when they refused to walk any further. My hip will not even tolerate a heavy hand bag now.

Karen said...

Oh, this is goooood!