Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Anyway The Wind Blows

He saw what it did to her. Even before the words were out of his mouth, he saw the doubt. The way the shadows played around her eyes as she tried to smile.

“I have to go out of town. It’s only one night. I will begin packing right after supper.”

“Alright.” She replied and then that look.

He watched as she placed the meal on perfectly formed plates in perfectly formed amounts. She chattered through dinner about nothing. Then, she swept everything up and down the disposal; it all seemed so simple for her.

He was complete complication. The woman would be waiting; the room already reserved. He couldn’t stop thinking about it.

After dinner, he packed his bags and stacked them in the foyer. Yawning, he said he might turn in early.

“Would you like some company?” she asked.

“I’m kind of beat.” He replied.

The shadows returned under her eyes. Maybe it was a simple loss of light. Maybe it was a loss of trust.

“Anyway the wind blows.” He heard her say under her breath.

Anyway the wind blows.


Dominic said...

You don't like the Zappa version? ; )

Roberta said...

Naw. I listen to B. O. C.


Dominic said...

Body Odor Cult?

Big Orlando Convention?

Buy Our Crap?

Clueless here!

Minx said...


Dominic said...

Bank of China?

Brotherhood of Catfisherman?

Betting On Clinton?

Breakfast of Champions?

Bucket of Chicken?

Bulgarian Orthodox Church?

Body of Christ?


Roberta said...


I knew if I let you ruminate on it a while you'd get it. ;)