Monday, December 10, 2007

8 X 8

8 X 8

Because I read Minx’s blog I feel duty bound to also do a Meme (which I’ve been told is a Me Me) kind of thing.

So here goes.

Eight things …

....that I am passionate about

My Children
My animals (Be they wild or domesticated)
My freedom
My writing
Not going back to work
Saving money (See above)
Trees (Yes. I’m a treehugger.)
Knocking down those damn ugly oil/gas rigs that have suddenly popped up on my hillside. (Looking for blasting caps)

8 thangs that changed my life

The death of my grandmother, who used to tell me stories.
The death of my grandfather, who was my best friend.
My sons illness, which almost destroyed my family
My sons recovery, which showed me the power of love and family
My writing, which will never go anywhere, but it’s nice to know it can be done.
The loss of my best friend, my mother-in-law. I had to grow up, finally.
Getting my Dog, Snappy.
Remembering to cover the losses with gains.

8 thangs that attract me to other people

Love of life

8 thangs that I learned last year

I am not as strong as I thought I was
Jumping into something and willing myself to do it, doesn’t mean success.
Mean people are just that, and you cannot trust them.
Taking some time off, no matter the financial sacrifice, is sometimes the best
Beating yourself up over spilt milk is often the worst thing to do
Looking at your families eyes and realizing they love you anyway is priceless
I can FINALLY make great sugar cookies.
If I could, I would take culinary classes and become a chef.

...8 books I have read recently

Wild Mustard by Justine Felix Rutherford
The Lady and Sons, Too, by Paula Deen
American Heritage Cookbook,
Wine, Food & Friends by Karen MacNeil
The Feist of the Seven Fishes by Robert Tinnell
Foxfire One, Two and Three
Green Mansions by W. H. Hudson
Complete Guide to Gardening by Who the hell cares, I’m working with clay here.

...8 songs/bands I listen to again and again

Coldwater Creek
Ian Hunter
Ian Hunter
Ian Hunter
Ian Hunter
The Stones
Radio Head
..Anything by Roger Watters. Radio Kaos. Especially.
Roger Watters Dark Side of the Moon.

8 thangs I often say:

Oh My God.
Snappy come here.
Snappy stop biting me .
Snappy come here now.
No, Snappy!
No snappy no!
Snappy come back.
You get back here you idiot dog… Right now…. I fucking mean it!!!!

...8 things to do before I die

I want to learn to fly a plane
I want a degree
I want to feel my cheek brush my grandbabies
I want to see my boys succeed.
I want to succeed myself.
When I die, I want to feel the rush of family, not with tears, but with love.
Look into someone’s eyes and tell them quite freely, I love you.
I don’t have 8.
I wish I did.


Dominic said...

Here's one more "thing to do before I die."

Learn to play the piano (it has 88 keys). ; )

Minx said...

Interesting list, Roberta, says more than we think, I think.

Shameless said...

Poor Snappy!! lol