Sunday, November 25, 2007

Gun Season

I was quite happy last night to sit by a roaring fire and listen to the football game. Quite happy – until the dog started having a fit on the deck. Thinking she was barking at a neighbor again, I stepped out.

There, below the deck, was a young buck in rut chasing three doe. Their movements were odd, running up the hill but turning in a panic and running back down to the bottom. The odd thing was, the dog wasn’t paying them any attention…she was looking at the road.

Parked along side my property was a truck. The longer I looked at it, the angrier I became. I heard the tailgate drop, although I could not see the owner. Then I heard, quite distinctly, the rifle being cocked.

"Do you need something?" I yelled.

The tailgate closed and the driver headed for the driver’s side door.

"I said do you need something?"

"No ma’am. I’m fine."
"What were you doing?"

"I was just lookin’ at them deer."

"I heard your gun cock. You weren’t thinking of shooting them were you?"

"No. I was just looking at them through my site."

"Those deer are on MY property."

"I ain’t that stupid! I was just lookin’. "

"You best get movin’ along before I call the law." (I can talk hick with the best of them when I’m riled.)

He got in his truck and drove slowly away.

I ask you. When was the last time you backed a man with a gun down? In your slippers?

The buck and the doe went their merry way. Hopefully to produce more spring fawn.


Shameless said...

Wow, Roberta! Good on you. Roarrrrrrr!

Minx said...

I find that alien and incredibly disturbing, Roberta.

Roberta said...

It is alien and disturbing, Minx. What is more disturbing is that my neighbor across the street was in his yard and said nothing!

His words to me? "I wasn't about to confront a man with a gun."


Squarehead said...

Good for you. In my native New Jersey we'd say that "yooz got stones". I now reside in western PA., what amazes me is the fact that just about anyone can stomp through the woods with a loaded weapon and almost no training at all. It's harder to get a driver's license than a hunting license. I just don't get it.

Dominic said...

You would have been a great pioneer woman... a great squaw, for that matter!

Roberta said...

LOL! A squaw with "stones". Now that's a picture!

Dominic said...

My friend Anni recently blogged about the perils of being a deer in coastal California:

Anneliese said...

One buck to three doe, plus one loungewear woman to one man with rifle. Sounds like quite a neighborhood! ;)

(Remember me? I'm Dominic's friend.)

Roberta said...

Hi Anneliese! I haven't heard from you in a while. Thanks for stopping by!

Dominic said...

I was struck by the thought that you and Anni had deer adventures around the same time thousands of miles apart. Both her deer and yours were about to suffer at roadside - yours by a parked hunter and hers by traffic!

Poor dears... poor deers...

leslie said...

"I was just looking at them through my site."
Hello. Can you say binoculars?
Sic 'em, Roberta. :)
Mountaineers kicked some UCONN butt the other day, didn't they?

Roberta said...

Dom, For some reason I can't find Anneliese post. I did comment on one she posted about California.

It was nice to hear from her again.

Thanks Leslie! Come again! I'm hoping WVU can kick some Missouri butt!

Anonymous said...

Damned good one! Good on ya!