Monday, October 08, 2007

Quiet Time.


I am strangely quiet these days.

Some "things" have happened to disrupt my usually boring life and I can't write about them.

I'm fine. Just nursing my wounds and trying to figure out the best plan.

Tonight is the last night of summer. Odd it's hung on through the first week of October. It was 94 here today. We'll get rain tomorrow then continued cooling through the end of the week with high temps of about 64.

We'll get rain tomorrow. I might go stand in it for a while. It might help rinse off some of this doom and gloom. But probably not.

I hate hearts breaking when I can't mend them. I hate not being able to fill a need except to listen inertly and try to give comfort. I hate looking at the wall of my office with pictures from a book "Green Mansions" by W. H. Hudson, knowing how lovingly someone put them together for me and framed them for me.

I hate losing someone I love with all of my heart. I hate helping to pick up the pieces again afterwards.

I can't type anymore tonight. The tears won't allow me to see the screen.

I must finish the Meme sent by Scarlett.
I must also remember to write Seamus with the details of my blog so he can help me add to my side lines.

I must remember to write. Something. Oddly, I feel the need to weep.

It's going to rain tomorrow. Maybe I can do it then.

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Dominic said...

I hope everything works out alright.