Sunday, August 05, 2007

Peskipiksi Persternomi

The Cornish Pixies are out tonight and I want to play.

I can see them, there at the edge of the woods. They flitter around the fawns feet and jump to tickle their noses. The doe are used to it and one could actually say they smile.

I trip down the stairs of the back deck and dance across the lawn in bare feet. My night gown and robe dragging in the dew. A spell has been cast on me by my dear Kate and I must follow it’s capture.

The Cornish Pixies laugh at me. Waving, they leave colorful trails into the darkness of the trees. The forest is heavy with fog but I catch glimpses of light as I move deeper.

Down below the house, there is a small fire burning. Tiny figures giggle and dance around it, some carry acorn caps filled with what I would think is mead. More color trails fly in toward the fire and someone starts playing a mini-fiddle and drum. Others dance and drink and there is much laughter.

Being quite large and not wanting to cause harm, I stay a bit away and lay my head down in the dew to watch the festivities. The colors, light and music charm me.

Peskipiksi Persternomi to everyone. It’s MAGIC!


Minx said...

Roberta, have you been at the magick mushrooms?

Roberta said...

Not yet, but I've been thinking about it.

dominic said...

"Peskipiksi Persternomi" - I think I tried that dish once at a Hungarian restaurant.