Monday, August 13, 2007

Pay Attention!

The boys stopped by tonight to return a car
happily tired and talking about
a project they are working on

I fed them dinner, actually split a
dinner for two into a dinner for

more about loves and fishes

It came time for them to leave
and they walked to the car
still excited

When I noticed the woman across the
street coming back from a walk with
her new born boy

We stood there with our gray eyes
and our gray hair waving the boys

When the baby started to squall
as they are often do
mamma was on her cell phone

I felt the sudden urge to scream to her
“Pay attention!”
this is fleeting

Look at us!
See how far it goes!
Pay attention!

I can still hear the baby crying.

1 comment:

dominic said...

Snap is a 16 year old, 60lb cat!!! Where are the photos?! And what do you feed her?

By the way, what do cats, and dogs, do with long nails out in the wild?