Sunday, August 26, 2007

Full Moon - Sunday Night

It's been a hell of a day.

First, Dan decided to mow the lawn this morning while it was cool and upset a hornet's nest. He was stung first, then Snappy. We got his swelling under control, but the dog was inconsollable. She limped. She slept. She held her little leg up in agony.

Dan is fine. Tonight, the dog is fine. Everything is okay, except she's having a problem with her bowl movements and has started passing blood.

I know, this is gross. But I'm worried about her, until he tells me that she ate almost an entire can of peanuts last night. I would be passing blood after that. We'll see what the morning brings and I'll call the vet if need be.

The moon is absolutely brilliant tonight. It's dark earlier than usual, but that moon!

Tomorrow school starts around here. Kids will be gone all day and a frenzy on the hill in the afternoon. I hate to see summer end.

The boys are still filming their movie. So the girls came up tonight for a little TLC. I love those women. They talk but they even listen better. They are my favorite people on earth.

Night all. I'm tired.

1 comment:

dominic said...

Bitten by hornets under a full moon? Is that what's next in West Virginia lore: Move over Mothman... here comes Hornetman!

Could be your boys next movie.