Wednesday, July 11, 2007

An Appointment With God

I reached the pinnacle with questions in hand
most of them wondering how to save man.
But I had an important conversation to discuss...
Remembering with respect that I must not cuss!

The appointment was scheduled.
I was a bit late.
I was a bit tardy.
The terrain cut my gait.

Breathless and speechless
I arrived in a panic.
I hope he’d not left me
perhaps I was manic.

The view was stupendous.
My eyes were amazed.
To see this tremendous
place in my gaze.

As the beauty sank in
and I started to breathe
I wondered where God was
…I hope He’s not peeved.

I have many questions
to bring him to task.
There are answers much needed
I just had to ask.

If He’s still alive?
Has He given up?
Are we alone in this world
All fucked up?

I sat there and gazed
as the questions went round
and it suddenly dawned
on me with great abound.

I could ask and ask
all these questions I have...
Or I could look around me
and see what we have.

God doesn’t do interviews
He doesn’t play games
If you want to see him
you have to remain...

One of the observant
One of the true
God gives this whole world
To us.... to you

So appreciate what you have
Peel the film from your eyes
God gives us grace
And the ability to thrive.

Save your questions for Him
Or ask them in prayer
He’ll answer in time
He’s got time and He’s there

So pause if you can
Take a breath and believe
The troubles won’t stop
But God doesn’t leave.


dominic said...

God hangs out in West Virginia a lot, doesn't He?

Poetess said...


Loved your poem.