Monday, June 18, 2007

Stop the Car! I Have Four Bars!!

Nothing in this world can be as relaxing and pristine as driving through the mountains of West Virginia. Soft music rises from the stereo as you take time to reflect through the curves. We will often spot a deer or a bear. We take side roads and walk the trails trying to identify the flora and fauna.

This past Saturday was kind of like that. Except that Mouthy- Sister – In –Law was in the back seat.

Mozart was playing. I was becoming one with the music and the scenery.

"Stop the car! I have four bars!!"

"Huh?" I’d felt like someone had assaulted my ears and thrown cold water on an otherwise pleasant trip.

"If you could please stop! I have a message and FINALLY in all of this freaking wilderness I have four bars!"

I dropped my chin and looked at my husband. He’s the reason I have this sister-in law. My eyes said, "Keep driving, baby."

"I’ll lose my bars!" Came the whine from the back.

Knowing that there was no immediate family emergency she should be concerned about, and believe me, she would have informed us of the fact upon entering the car, I turned around and asked for the phone.

"Gimme that damn phone."

Timidly she handed it to me.

I rolled down my window, grabbed the cell between my forefinger and my thumb and draped my hand out the window.


Husband gripped the wheel. I caught him glancing as his brother through the rear view mirror.The three of us were in consensus.

Every so often there would be a mumbled plea from the back seat. "Could I please have my cell back?"

I wouldn’t even turn around. I could see through the side mirror as I let my grasp loosen and the phone would dangle recklessly between finger and thumb.

"Would you please turn up Mozart?"

…and through the country-side we glided.


Verilion said...

Oooh how tempting that must have been! I can feel your glee.

Minx said...

You are a woman after my own heart, but I maybe would have dangled her out of the window!

Vesper said...

I am with you, Roberta, all the way! I don't even have a cell phone.

I would also like to thank you for your words of appreciation for my story on The Little Minx. It was quite difficult to live inside this character for every second of that half an hour...

Your story was very good, a tough one... The same image spoke to both of us - that's interesting.

Roberta said...

Verillion: It is gleeful, no?

Minx: She outweighs me by about 200 lbs.

Vesper: Isnt' it funny how most of the stories had such a dark edge to them? What does that say about us as a society?

Thank you all for your kind comments.

Shameless said...

Hi there,
Things looking great here. You need to send through a poem/prose piece of 48 words or under for the writing circle contest. Judging starts this Wednesday. Check out the circle site. Email me or post your piece into the comments section of your listing. :)

dominic said...

hilarious... your story caught me off-guard! thanks for getting back to the scenic drive and Mozart...