Monday, June 25, 2007


A DELIGHTFULLY deep Irishman living in Paris has given me the assignment of shortening my rather lengthy prose about my adopted Lion, Blue. I hope I have done something of interest.

I love my Blue. Even if he gets into the freezer after I've gone to bed and eats the Pistatio Ice Cream.

I find him asleep in my chair, feet waving in the air, his mane splayed over the crimson pillows.

Note to self: Get more bags for the vaccum.


I named you Blue - My Blue
and you were sensitive and kind

You named me Yellow, Your Yellow
and we shared a sort of mind

We shared stories
..and a life

Until it had to end
..but you are my Blue

My soul mate
my confidant and friend

So when I go
I beg you

Please don't continue
to eat my tomatoes

And please keep the fur
out of the freezer.


Verilion said...

Lyon, he lives in Lyon Roberta. Great poem by the way.

Shameless said...

Hi Roberta,
Me again. :) Were we able to trim further? The deadline is today. Did you really want the short haiku entered? Could this piece above be trimmed a bit more. We could stop after "and friend"? Let me know. I hope we can get your entry in. Cheers, Seamus. :)

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

LOVE your poem, and I thought he lived with you.

Viaggiatore lives with me.

We adopted them!


Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Roberta said...

I got an award?