Saturday, May 26, 2007


Good heavens I have been tagged.

The Reluctant Memsahib <> has tagged me because - 1) she is incredibly nosey and - 2) she has nothing better to do what with moving her entire farm from the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro (including Mango Trees, children, various cats and dogs) to an outpost somewhere in Africa. Her live journal is one of the most fascinating reads I have found online. If you get a chance to check it out, you will be hooked.

Now, back to business. Because she is incredibly nosey, I must divulge eight things you do not know about me. A difficult task, to say the least! But I will try.

1)I do not like chocolate. I used to like chocolate but for some reason now I don’t.

2)I once helped send a sexual predator to prison for 6 years. I am told that my testimony was most important and the State of California is indebted to me. I wonder if that means Disney Land?

3)I met my husband while I was singing in an after hours club. That’s right. I was one of those.

4)I am not really a blonde.

5)I am a door slammer. Once, after a particularly difficult day with two small children, husband came home and said just the most perfectly wrong thing. I stomped back to our bedroom and slammed the door so hard that the facing, door and frame fell into the hall. That was the most satisfying slam of my life.

6)I listen more than I talk. (I think)

7)I have personally helped raise at least 8 litters of raccoons. In one of the litters, there was a blind albino female. She came back to us for at least 3 years before she disappeared.

8)I am one of the most computer illiterate people on the face of the earth.

9)Oh! I’m bad at math.

I hope that you have been enlightened. Safe journey Mem! I’m waiting on the other side of the earth to read about your travels.

(OH! If you are reading this consider yourself tagged!)


Frank said...

10. Filing??? Lest we should forget! HA-HA!!! Miss you so much.

Roberta said...

Hey you! Where have you been? And I'm not bad at filing. I just couldn't figure out HOW a copy of a check that should have been filed under "P" could be filed under "C". It was the system, I tell you! The SYSTEM!


Minx said...

You heard the woman, Frank. She's not really blonde!

Lovely meme, Roberta. A`little more revealed of an already dear friend.