Thursday, May 17, 2007

Did I Say That?

I never thought these words would come out of my mouth.

I grew up in the early 60’s and 70’s and felt the comfort of home and friends. I knew my boundaries, respected my elders and always remained respectful.

Today was an eye-opener for me. Husband stayed home today from work, a minor medical procedure needed to be done and he didn’t feel like driving in the other direction for an hour and coming home early to drive in the OTHER direction for 45 minutes.

We’d planned a few stops on the way to said procedure. About the time we were to leave I was on the computer reading the blogs I frequent on a daily basis.

“Are you ready to go?”

“No. Wait a minute.”


“Well there is this wonderful woman in Africa I have to respond too. I have a solution to her problem.”

His eyes rolled up in the back of his head.

I was wondering if I actually just said that entire sentence out loud.

“Then I have to respond to that beautifully witty woman in Great Britan.”

Now his eyes widened. Need I reiterate he was having a medical procedure?

“Then I have to write my friends in Canada, Chicago, Maryland and New York. - It’ll just take a second. After I check on my friend in Indonesia - and make sure that my Muslem friend in England is still posting.”

Then there is an old friend of mine that I check on frequently:

He went out to the front porch to think about it.

I was thinking too.

“Did I, a woman who lives in Appalachia – USA, just say I had to give advice to a woman in Africa?”

This internet is truly an amazing thing.


Minx said...

It truly is, Roberta, we are 'global' - how cool is that? Every day seems like a world tour - and this comes from a little woman, in a little town, perched on the end of England.Doesn't your husband realise the importance of this!!

Hope everything went well and that you managed to focus on him for a little while.

Roberta said...

Oh he's fine. Just an little monitoring of the old ticker. Premtive actually...

So my advice about the pillow case and the two cats is wrong? It always worked for me when I had to take my cat to the vet. I'm sure they would survive a 4 hour plane ride to the outpost!

anna said...

Love the picture Roberta!!
you are truly an amazing woman

Roberta said...

There is nothing amazing here Anna. Maybe that's why I search for the amazing else where?

So? When are you going to write again? I miss my daily dose of Pendragon.

Minx said...

Do the pillowcases work on humans? I know a few people....

Of course you're amazing - I come three-thousand odd miles everyday to come and see you. I don't do that for everyone!

Beaman said...

Your poor husband. :p Introduce him to your web friends.
What you say is true, it's a wonderful invention, the internet.

_Soulless_ said...

I'm suddenly feeling the urge to kick myself for not keeping in touch. You're a generous soul and I adore you. *hug*

(Oh, by the way, I'm in that island-riddled part of Southeast Asia looking like a one-long-armed blotchy, bent figurine -- the Philippines *chuckles* The rainy season has just begun; I'm celebrating. Haha. Missed ya.)

Dewey said...

Ha ha, this stuff is amazing to me, too, even now that I have been married for the past 5 years to an adorable guy from another continent that I met through blogging.

Dewey said...

But just to clarify, we're on the same continent now. ;)